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For Business Owners & Leaders

Who we are

Work closely with B2B company owners and C-suite executives to build intensely focused strategic communications, messaging and narratives that drive awareness, engagement and sales among prospects and customers.

Provide highly personalized service to ownership and senior executives at public and private companies in North America, Latin America, Germany and Japan. Among them:

•  NYSE-listed operating companies
•  Fortune 100 division
•  Family-owned manufacturing companies
•  Private equity portfolio companies
•  Seven successful U.S. B2B startups

Specific clients, client results and testimonials are available on confidential basis.
An overview of results is provided below.

      Erik Godchaux
      Owner, Media Strategy Group


All aspects of brand messaging strategy and narrative/content development.

Most aspects of earned, paid, owned and shared communications platforms including customer/industry shows, website design/development, business/financial PR, advertising, social media, email marketing, search marketing and direct mail.

Deep network of experts in design, branding, media production, marketing and sales. Longtime advisory team of successful entrepreneurs, current and former company owners, plus veteran C-suite executives in a wide range of industries.


No spin, no-gimmick approach to communications strategy, messaging and dissemination to clearly defined target audiences.

Maximizing ROI and cost efficiency/efficacy for messaging dissemination—focused on proven vehicles.

Extreme customer focus. It’s all about your customer—and their customers.

Results driven, 24/7 rapid response, local to global.

Industry expertise and service

•  Forest products: pulp and paper mills, converters, merchants and e-commerce.
•  Commercial/industrial REITs—North American and global
•  Financial services, commercial/investment banking
•  Consumer and B2B e-commerce companies
•  Printing capital equipment manufacturing and sales
•  Publishing, commercial printing, trade printing, specialty printing
•  Packaging—retail and industrial
•  Foundry and machine tooling
•  3PLs and distribution
•  Branding, graphic design and marketing companies
•  K-12 and higher education
•  Online training and education


Our role is contributory, working in close collaboration with company leadership and top management.
Our work has helped:
•  Generate sales of high-value/high-margin products and services
•  Enter and grow share in new vertical and geographic markets
•  Generate new customers and expand business with current customers
•  Attract new institutional and ultra high-net-worth investors
•  Attract new business partners and suppliers
•  Launch new consumer and B2B e-commerce ventures and technologies
•  Spur new wealth- and value-creating M&A
•  Build and expand company and brand awareness and engagement
•  Protect and enhance corporate and executive reputation